Why a Shift from Print to Digital Signage?

There has been a great change in the way we perceive advertising today. The billboards, hoardings and other static printed signage are giving way to their more engaging and attention grabbing counterparts Digital Signage.

So why is it that we see the change catching up so fast? There are certain major advantages Digital signage enjoy that traditional signage cannot seem to catch up with. Some of them being:

  1. Cost Saving: Gone are the days when huge amounts of funds were segregated as expenditure on print ad campaigns, repeatedly re-strategizing the campaigns, investing in hiring advertising agencies, printing brochures or collaterals, distributing/installing them and then again finally re-arranging them for the next quarter as the matter gets stale. Digital Signage may cost higher upfront when they are commissioned and installed however, going by the ROI they are one of the most economical concepts today.
  2. Real time Modifications: The traditional print signage have to managed, marketed and shipped to various locations across the country or even outside. The campaign once printed cannot be removed as easily. It has to remain for some time to cash on the cost incurred in creating it; however it might even become obsolete in the meantime and serve minimum or no purpose. Whereas a digital signage can be managed as easily as the click of a button in a matter of few minutes to hours without any consideration of geographical boundaries. Not only this, content can be aligned as per specific locations or tastes of the end customer.
  3. Interactivity: How much a campaign engages the end customer is the key factor to the customer buying the product. As for the print ad, a customer may at most stop read and move on, it is not engaging enough whereas a digital sign can not only attract attention but also effect purchase. The Digital signs today not only help the customer view the contents but interact with touch or gesture. Schools, colleges, hotels, retails stores, hospitals, movie theaters, wherever, one can easily relate to these digital signage. It is not only easy but friendly.

The shift in the signage is more related to the customer psyche, where as humans we feel more at ease while touching and feeling products if not physically feeling then interacting at the least. We at Pioneer Corporation understand the very change and have now incorporated the change in the way people view signage to our product line with a range of digital signs that can cater to any industry, and or unit.

Do get in touch with us Pioneer Corporation, to see how we can come up to your expectations and build a solution for your specific need.


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