Taxi Cab Advertising Sign

The Power of Transit Advertising

“If you want to sell them, make people see them.” This is the simplest yet most effective rule of advertisement industry yet found. In the era of heavy completion the marketing fields have took a small diversion from their typical strategy of reaching to people and advertisement gained a new look for newer audience. In the era of fast food where each and every second counts one has to reach people without breaking their speed and have to stay continuously in the eye sight to become known to them. And here the new advertisement goals come to action. In big cities with big dreams, tall buildings and small salary, millions of people walk on streets everyday in a race to their dreams, the best way to connect is transit advertisement.

Here one basic question that strikes the mind is what is Transit advertisement?

Putting on posters, banners on holdings and high raised buildings, broadcasting audio and video clips on television and radio, or big screens, connecting people door to door are conventional methods of advertising. But now to address the new generation the industry have taken a step forward to Transit advertisement. In simple words transit advertisement can be defined as putting posters and banners on any vehicle of public transport in such a way that it will make its place in the mind of viewer without affecting its work. The vehicle used can be taxi, bus, tram, train or any other type of public transport used. You just have to make sure that your product is reaching to its proper costumers.
Although transit advertisements are some of the easy ways of the goner there are points to remember before you take your first step.

1. Choose your consumer:
Sometimes the product and its advertisement are for a larger group of users. But while putting it on public transports the group of costumers viewing it and their number must be calculated taking data from different sources like transport agencies, associations and people themselves the user group must be defined properly for the right choice of transport medium.

2. Choose the locality:
Choosing the locality is the next most important thing. The user group and their attention to the transport vehicle must be taken to count. For example if it’s a brand of school and collage stationary products , the buses starting from the institution there , passing through it and the trains passing through the nearest station should be chosen for advertising. Taxi cab advertising may not be preferred in this case as they are not used frequently. So choosing the locality must be done wisely.

3. Choosing the vehicle:
Choosing the vehicle is the toughest job in this type as a number of options are available. Different factors and their consequences are taken to count and the medium is selected.

4. Make it eye catching:
To match the pace of the city the advertisement should be eye catching. Short and proper labeled posters should be placed. In certain cases alterations should be made to the original poster to suite the shape and ambiance of the vehicle.

5. Choose the proper size:
Proportion and balance are very important; the advertisement on the vehicle must not be too small as it will be left unnoticed; it must not be too large that will create disturbance in vision of the viewer. It should be well proportionate to the size of the medium. For example in case of taxi cab advertising posters should be places in the middle part of door horizontally.

Now a days when taxi cab advertising is trending in metros one must take advantage of it to address a large no of audience, so next time your advertisement agency troubles you with hiked price of holdings, take a look to the streets. They may have the best solution for you.

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