Stainless Steel Sign


This type of signage can be seen on roadways, or suspended on residential and commercial buildings from the top, or as bulletin boards and hoardings that we come across frequently and do pay immediate notice. These are basically a display board made of stainless steel, upon which one can inscribe logo, symbols, signature and name of a business enterprise. After drafting content on one board, you can replicate it on multiple such displays using sign creating and designing technology, mushrooming worldwide. The material used promises a number of benefits such as rust-proof property, natural longevity, and variation in types of work possible on its surface.

Make way for the new notice!!!

To install a new hoarding for public notice, use a Stainless Steel Sign that is easy to use and provides polished finishing to the work displayed on the board. The main content can be can be adhered to the material with various layouts. The capstone finishing that enhances the appearance of the notice can be conducted in different modes. Elucidating this, the board can be powder coated, applied with strokes of an amateur or professional painting or inscribed onto the surface itself that engages services of trained experts. Each of these techniques is equally rewarding and can be repeated on a number of samples.

Multiple options for users

This can be used in a number of places and installed for capturing the attention of passersby. Be it by inscribing impression of digital media content, by putting up mega-sized hoardings or miniature individualized nameplates put up on the entry gates of household residence and employee nameplate bearing the designation as well. We are familiar with the bulletin boards

housed in museum or gallery exhibitions, even these are made of the same material.


A neat and well-illustrated advertisement pinned on such display sign boards can work wonders for your brand or organization. It is an effective mode of communication with potential customers,  as it accommodates necessary details of the company venue and popularizes the business signature and fascia signs at just one glance of any layman. The base material used can be mixed with other durable metals such as aluminium for long lasting effects. Due to the flexibility it offers with respect to the manner of display, the Stainless Steel Sign can be easily installed in a number of locations, be it in small or large scale.

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