Acrylic Signs:

Acrylic signs or plastic signs as they are called in the layman language are the most preferred signage material. Acrylics come in various colors and thickness. These can be easily router cut, molded or thermoformed. Acrylic signs can either be lit from inside by use of tube lights, slim line tubes, CFLs or LEDs. Acrylics range from mere 2mm to 30 mm thickness. Almost all acrylics can be laser cut, router cut, be made into 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional letters/logos or designs. One of the most noteworthy advantage of acrylics is that these are highly versatile. However, one major consideration when using acrylic for signage purpose is only high grade materials can deliver best results. We at Pioneer Corporation use “A” grade acrylic sheets

ACP Signage:

ACP is a sturdy material. It is often used on facades of buildings, partitions, shopping complexes, offices, multiplexes, malls, schools or industrial units. ACP signage are made by router cutting ACP sheets. These sheets come in variety of colors and textures. Furthermore another effective way of using ACP is by router cutting them and making way for in-lit acrylic letters thus forming ACP signs with lit effect. We at Pioneer Corporation use premium quality ACP and acrylic sheets for our ACP signs that are weather resistant and durable.

Directional or Way finding signs:

Directional or Way finding signs play a major role in helping one locate the exact place. Therefore these signs are crisp, single or double sided, hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Directional signs or Way finding signs can be found at many places including offices, malls, hospitals, buildings, residential complexes and office complexes. Such signs can be made from ACP, granite, acrylics, stainless steel etc. At Pioneer Corporation our aim remains to keep such Directional Way finding Signs simple yet effective so that the purpose of the sign is not lost and stays relevant to the context.

Flex Signs – Banners and Hoardings:

Flex Signs such as Banners and hoardings usually announce upcoming events and or latest achievements of organizations. Banners and Hoardings are a quite effective yet short term communication tool. Such signs are made of high quality flex or vinyls which are printed by Rolland or other equivalent brand printers. These allow inclusion of high-quality photographic images and complex graphics. Banners and Hoardings attract huge attention when mounted at heights, across roads, over buildings, as flyers or flags in malls. Flex Signs are thus one of the most cost effective and quick advertising tools.

Led Signage:

Although initially a costly investment Led Signage require minimum maintenance in the long run. The basic considerations while using LED signage include the number of modules being used, the viewing angle and the mounting distance. We at Pioneer Corporation, use high quality LEDs such as GE, Kore, Samsung, Osram, or Phillips make. Our experts lay out the lighting plans schematically by use of specific software. The LED signs are then tested at our workshops before being shipped to the client.

Metal Signage:

Metals such as Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel can be laser cut into desired shapes and logos to render a sleek and classy look to the buildings. Stainless steel comes in two grades 202 which are used for internal purpose and 304 widely used for external purposes. All metal signs are durable, rust proof, highly visible from longer distances and offer a thorough appeal. Metal signage are cut from the desired metal such as brass, gold steel, stainless steel or aluminum .The letters are eventually powder coated or painted with color choice according to the corporate identity standards. We at Pioneer Corporation have skilled welders and technicians who are able to transform any crude metal into aesthetic metal signs.

Neon Signage:

A fad in the US way back in the 60’s Neon signage was amongst the most alluring signs. In India too the trend is on rise. The flexibility that neon signage offer is immense. They can be molded into various shapes and sizes and thus render instant appeal. Neon signage is suitable for both internal and external purpose. These signs are made of lead glass with diameters ranging from 8-15mm using various burners. The tubes are filled with gases that glow when heated. The ends of the glass tubes are fitted with electrodes so that the gas does not escape. When the tube is finished it is placed in the desired or intended shape and electricity is passed through the electrodes. The end product is a vibrant sign.

Totem Poles, Pylon Signs:

Totem Poles or Pylon Signs stand in the middle of nowhere and yet attract immense attention. Pole signs are one of the major advertising tools that can go up to huge heights as to 100’s of feet above ground level. There are certain considerations however while choosing totem poles or pylon signs.. Totem Poles should usually involve simple colors, precise content and be mounted at readable heights. Such signs cannot contain loads of information since the impact gets lost in the process. Usually totem poles or pylon signs are rectangular in shape but currently many new experiments are being conducted and they are taking many shapes like buckets, ice-cream cones, burgers, etc.

Standees, POP displays, In Shop Displays, Menu boards:

Standees, Display Canopies, POP displays, In shop displays, Menu boards are some of the other advertising tools that are easy to maintain and install. These can be made of variety of materials according to the budget of the client. While Standees and Display Canopies are usually made of flex, In-Shop displays can be wall graphics, aluminum or MS frames or clip-ons wherein graphics can be changed easily even by a novice. Menu boards can be fabricated using acrylic and aluminum or mild steel and are usually referred to as Sandwich Boards since the printed menu is wedged between two acrylic sheets.

Vinyl Graphics and Frosted Films:

Vinyl graphics can be used to enhance the decor of office or retail outlets. These are often pasted on walls, windows or façades. Various kinds of frosted films, one way vision films can be used creatively to provide privacy as well as offer ascetics to the office /conference rooms.

Exhibition Stall Signage:

We offer a complete range of trade show and exhibition display solutions to fit every needs, budget and deadline. Our products include modular trade show displays, booths, exhibits, stands, retractable banner stands, reusable stalls, counters, kiosks, tents and flags.

Internal Signage:

We offer a comprehensive range of internal signage including directional signs, utility signs, convenience signs, token boards and directory signs suitable for use in malls. Sunboards, reflective vinyls, ACP, acrylic, edgelit displays and stainless steel are some of the materials used to make internal signage.

Point of Purchase Signs (POP):

Point of Purchase Signs is a great way to make full use of valuable shop-front advertising space. Stylish text and images mounted on high quality advertising boards can really catch the eye of passing customers. These are an economical way of attracting customers. High-resolution photographic images, logos and text can all feature on customized Point of Purchase Signs.

Retail Fascia Signs:

Retail Fascia Signs play a central role in accurately identifying with potential customers. Targeted and well thought-out corporate retail fascia signs can help portray the right image to attract the right customers. Our team has great experience in modern retail fascia signs solution. We offer wide range of contemporary and traditional signage designs. We at Pioneer Corporation use all the latest forms of illumination to give retail fascia signs the impact and presence that is needed in the modern high street.

Wall Graphics, Vinyl Graphics, Vehicle Graphics:

Wall Graphics, Vinyl Graphics, Vehicle Graphics provide a striking and cost-effective way to communicate corporate image. Often, window graphics can be combined to feature alongside a retail fascia helping to effectively brand any shop front. We at Pioneer Corporation also offer a wide variety of window frostings available in different colors and effects. Frosted films create the popular ‘etched’ effect on glass and can help soften wide expanses of glass whilst providing greater privacy for staff or customers.

Mandatory Signs:

Mandatory signs are usually made from photo luminescent substances that glow in dark in case of emergencies such as fire. Mandatory signs include fire exit signs, exit signs, toilet signs and all other emergency signs. These signs can be made of acrylic or sun board sheets with photo luminescent graphics affixed on top and installed at sensitive and easily locatable places. These effectively direct individuals out of the calamity precisely and quickly. Some prominent mandatory signs include No Smoking, Fire Exit, Smoking Regulations, Hazard Labels, Warning Signs, Electrical Safety, Prohibition Signs etc

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