Sandwich Board

The most basic forms of advertisements are seen in the form of banners or posters and even television and newspapers but there is no way to know that the people have actually seen it. Human contact, on the other hand, ensures that there is an interaction between the customer and the advertised content because the human is approachable. This problem of banners is solved to a large extent by the use of sandwich boards.

The sandwich boards combine the effectiveness of human interaction and the attractiveness of banners. The sandwich boards are basically two banners and flex signs pasted on cardboard or wood which is worn by the sales associate or advertiser. The name sandwich board is used because it looks as though the person is covered on both sides by the sign boards like a sandwich. These sandwich boards are usually worn with the help of straps on the shoulders that hang like the straps of a bag. When seen from afar these look like triangular structures and are often decorated to look more attractive. Although difficult to carry on for a long time, it is effective and the people who do this get paid minimum wage. The boards contain details of the products and some taglines. At times these are made humorous, that is used as selling medium. These are witty relatable statements on the front and back boards. The boards may also be decorated with other decorative streamers or color papers that are sure to attract the attention of the walkers. Often the person who wears the sandwich boards has an entire costume that matches with the theme of the sandwich board to increase the uniqueness of the advertisement and make it stand out amongst a crowd of hundreds.

The sandwich board wearers approach customers in their way and explain the product details that include features of the product and where they can buy the product from. This ensures a significant amount of effectiveness because the sales person is persuasive and grabs the attention of many through verbal interaction. The sandwich boards are not always worn by people but they just act as an attractive alternative for the banners and posters that lay on the sidewalks. The sandwich boards are used in many sectors of the economy for advertising purpose. The industrial sectors use them as sign boards to promote their products outside stores and display their offer schemes. Large numbers of restaurants use these to display their menu and daily offers. The sandwich boards can also be used to promote various events held in a particular place.

The super creative and attractive form of advertisement is seen through sandwich boards that instil a sense of amazement and unique factor of the business mind. Something to marvel at is the mind of an entrepreneur and their creativity to advertising the product to get maximum sales.

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