Rotating Illuminating Pole Sign

Pole Signage, Totem Poles, Pylon Signs  are an attractive and mass appeal advertising signage solution which involves high degree of structural and artistic finesse in delivery.

We at Pioneer Corporation recently finished the installation of  Pole Signage  for our client Bayaweaver in Greater Noida. This by far has been one of our most challenging and complex delivery given the sheer magnitude at which this signage had to be put up.

The Pole Signage stands at a height of 60 feet above ground level and the alphabet ‘X’ on the pole is as huge as 8 * 9.9 feet. Our team of technicians worked tirelessly to build and install this gigantic structure in a record time as per our client’s requirement.

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The unique feature of this Signage is that its a dynamic sign, it keeps rotating on the Pole and also illuminates. This required complex motors to be fitted within the pole to ensure that the rotation of the sign is seamless. The ‘X’ sign was separately built of Acrylic from the front to be able to glow in the dark and ACP from the sides to hide the huge MS framework fabricated to hold the “X”, numerous Leds and drivers inside.  The entire structure was installed with the help of heavy duty cranes. The final result is a structural gem in the project list of Signages installed by Pioneer Corporation.

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