Neon Signage- Calling for Attention

Neon Signage is a specialized field of signage manufacturing which requires high skill level to achieve an artistic and flawless end result. The neon signage tube is bent into various shapes by heating it using burners whose intensity is based on the type of glass molding required to be done in the signage. The tubes are then filled with gas and sealed from sides using electrodes to ensure the filled gas does not escape.
These signage offer wide variety of colors and have the high durability amongst all signage. These can last for decades without replacement. A long lifetime has generated a good market for neons to be used for interior purposes especially as cove light options. These can thus be used at houses, shops, theaters or practically any place where the tube can be bent to fit any shape. Neons nowadays are enclosed acrylic covers to prevent any accident occurring due to high voltage.

We at Pioneer Corporation specialize in making vibrant and most appealing signs Neon Signage. These are made of lead glass with diameter ranging from 8 – 15mm and can be molded into various shapes suiting the needs of our clients. Neon tubes contain gas that glow when heated thus making them an apt choice for external and internal signage requiring high mass appeal.

Pioneer Corporation is a market leader in fabrication and installation of Neon Signage since the past 15 years of our existence. We have created various appealing neon signage for various clients.

Neon SIgnage

Neon Signage


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