Metal and Wood Signage weathered to look old- The bold new trend!

The recent surge in the advertising industry is to make the new wood signage, metal signage or Led signage look rusty old or rather ancient! The likes of brands with such lit signage are Jamie’s, Taco Bell, Junkyard, Downtown and Boomcafe. The latest trend of moving into a more retro or older look is catching up. These signages offer a strikingly different look when compared to the modernistic and alluring signs.

One would actually think why go for an old look when branding can be so captivating today with use of the Leds, neons and so much color and texture? However, there is indeed some element of magic involved in going back to the basics.

Back to raw metal and wood

While on one hand we have the bewitching contemporary signs on the other are these rustic signs made from bare metals and wood. The metals used here are rusted mild steel, iron, copper or brass which are treated further to bring a more withered look to the fore to give an earthier feel. Some brands such as Jamies Italian and Pizzeria also use wood together with metals for their branding. The signature roundel of Jamies’ for instance is made of old wood that is bruised and chipped, painted with base coat to prevent further damage and fitted with Leds to give it an antiquated look.

Jamie's Roundel

Jamie’s Roundel

Taco Bell with its new branding prefers a rusted metal look. It is developed from eroded mild steel sheet treated with chemicals to speed up further rusting. Once the desired rusting texture is achieved a clear coat is applied so as to retain the oxidized look and inhibit any further rusting. The sheet now is ready to be molded into the Taco Bell signature texts and logo.

Taco Bell Facade Sign

Taco Bell Facade Sign

Advantages of Metal/Wood Signage

Although many may question the very essence of going back to basics these signage are a fast catching trend. These biodegradable, customizable and give a timeless feel. Besides these are sturdy and durable too.

We at Pioneer Corporation have effectively learned techniques and specialized in fabricating all kinds of signage. Developing such signage was an altogether new experience for us.

Pioneer Corporation is one most preferred signage solution provider across India. We rely on our potential to experiment.


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