Menu Boards and Display Boards- Evolving trends

Menu Boards, Display Boards, Edgelit Boards or information displays specifically meant for QSRs are seeing a rapid evolution in terms of designs and technology. Earlier menus were represented on black boards written with chalks. However nowadays these have now seen a rapid transformation. The more eclectic the more the chances of attracting customers!

Chalk board Menu Board

Chalk board Menu Board

Going by the trends, menu boards can be categorized broadly into two types:
1. Conventional or Static Menu Boards:

While all of us are aware of the conventional menu boards, fabrication material and designing has played a major role in making the menus stand out. Some brands prefer a sleek non lit acrylic or wooden board with tubes or halides throwing light on the contents. Others prefer clip-ons boards which can be changed frequently as per the additions or deletions in the menu items.

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Clipon Menu Board

These boards usually have a vinyl sandwiched between two acrylic sheets. The vinyl display can be changed as per convenience. The clip-ons can either be lit or non lit depending on the availability of light source at the site. Still other brands are now reverting to the more ancient chalk and board concept. The menu items are hand written routinely and erased as and when needed. The advantage of the conventional boards lies in it being a low on cost and maintenance. However the challenge can be when complete menus require to be changed; there is no option then but to reprint the matter.

2. Dynamic or Digital Menu Boards:

On the other hand, use of digital menus /display boards which are now caching up fast, as witnessed at airports consist of television screens that can be handled from the back end using software and media players. The matter can be changed in a jiffy. Institutions where information plays a prime role are now speedily moving in the direction of Digital Displays. Hospitals/Airports/ Railways Stations etc. wherever time is of essence and a delay in displaying the information may come at a cost are some such examples where digital is the way forward. Although Digital Menu Boards/Displays are costlier at the onset, the ease of use, accuracy and turnaround time taken to upload the data make these more preferred in certain industry segments.

We at Pioneer Corporation provide clients with solutions that best suit their industry type and budgets.Be it a chalk board concept or clip on, simple printing, lit or non- lit or digital option Pioneer Corporation has been extending economical solutions for all specific needs.

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