Digital Totems Sign

A step ahead in the field of advertising with digital totems

With the advancement in technology, the field of advertising has witnessed a revolutionary move that has changed the way advertising are done and seen. Earlier advertising was done through banners and posters then came the digital way of advertising with digital sign boards that are more presentable and attractive and promotes and advertises the brands more effectively. Since the technology is constantly updating with numerous features are getting added, every company or brand is opting for the latest and updated method of advertising. So what are this latest technology and the updated method of advertising? The latest technology is helping people to advertise their products and services not only digitally but in an interactive way.

What is this new technology?

This latest and effective technology is nothing but digital totems which are digital sign boards used to display a company’s products and services which the customer can not only view but can also enquire about the products and services in detail with an all new interactive advertising screen. This new technology help brands to advertise their products in more efficient, attractive and interactive way.

How digital totem works?

Digital totems have numerous advantages over other forms of advertising such as print and the usual way of digital advertising.

  • You can customize your own digital totem. Everything can be customized starting from size, design, configuration, services, etc.
  • The high end design body with LED display and multi touch interface will help you to have an interactive advertising with the consumers.
  • Other features included are audience analytics, 4G cloud DS player OS and software to make your advertising more effective.
  • The people viewing the advertisement will get to see product launches, promotions, advertisements in a much interactive and lively way.

  • Advantages of digital totems in the world of advertisement

    This new form of technology is rapid in attracting people towards the brand or the company. Instead of being the latest technology this way of advertisement is less costly and interactive too. It also offers the people around the overly trafficked places such as shopping malls, movie theatre, restaurants, etc to play 2D and 3D videos and other multimedia files. One can also see presentations and other interactive web apps in digital totems.

    With so many advantages and references over the regular advertising methods, this technology is by far the best and the most effective way of advertising. It is a kind of revolution in the field of digital advertising where people were unable to do anything except for viewing the advertisements whereas with digital totems there is a lot more to do and a long way to go for both the company and the customers.

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