Digital Signage

Digital Signage- A revolution in the field of advertising

Digital signage is new way of advertisement which is preferred by all so as to get the most out of advertisement. Digital signboards help the company or the brand to display their products and services in a lively and attractive way with lots of effects and lighting that will indicated each and everything properly. This form of advertisement uses technologies like LED, LCD and projections to display multimedia contents such as digital images, videos, information and streaming media. Digital signage is used in public places such as shopping malls, movie halls, hospitals, restaurants, etc. They are used to draw more and more people towards the advertisement.

How digital signage works?

The working of digital signage is very simple. With the help of certain software, one can display images, videos, and information relevant to the company’s products and services. Apart from that, digital signage is also used to display news and latest updates of the products and services of a given company or many companies together one after the other.

What are the uses of digital signage?

It is used for various purposes and the list is not limited and definitive. However, below are some of the uses of this technology:
1. To display public information such as news related to traffic, weather and local with traveler information, building directory maps and other important information.
2. It is also used to display corporate messages, health and safety message and information and other related news.
3. The most important use of this technology is for giving product information such as price of the product, ingredients, raw materials and suggested applications. They are used mainly in food marketing that includes recipes and nutritional facts.
4. With the help of this technology, many companies gain customers through advertisements. It also helps in directing customers to different areas that is a mutually profitable. Digital signage also increases the dwell time of people in the premises which increases the crowd of the place.
5. It is used in brand building and to promote a brand in stores and other important areas.
6. Used to enhance customer experience such as reducing the waiting time in restaurants and other places and also by offering information and ideas about different things.
7. Used in restaurants as digital menu boards to display the menu of the restaurant along with specialty of the day. Digital menu boards are attractive and give proper information about the food available to the customers.
8. Used for navigation. It can be used in multi storeyed buildings to direct ways to reach different floors, entries, exits and different stores or offices or apartments.
With this technology, life has become easier and simple for both manufacturers, sellers as well as consumers.

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