Banner & Poster

Advertisements have evolved through the ages based on the likes and thought the process of the society. The technologies used for advertisement have also undergone many drastic changes. From advertisements in the newspapers to digital billboards, the methods of advertisements have unlocked a completely new range of unique ideas to attract the consumers of the time period.

One of the most effective forms of advertising is an outdoor advertisement that takes place in the market where the product gets exposure to a large number of expected customers. The type of outdoor advertisement that has been prominent from the birth of advertisement is the method of advertising through banners and posters. These banners and posters can be used to spread awareness about one particular topic in the area. Although the way the banners and posters are made and the content have changed according to the image of the society, this method remains constant to this day.

Banners and posters are basically information and details or taglines and images of the particular brand or product that are put on a piece of paper or vinyl sheets. The sizes of the banner depend on the budget and level of desired exposure of a product. It can be seen all over the world either as virtual or physical banners or fixed billboards or as waving balloons in the sky.

Everything in the world has two constituents, the merits, and demerits. The methods of advertising through banners and posters have its own merits and demerits as listed below.


  • The banners help to save the time of the Company because it requires the printing of a line with the image.
  • It is inexpensive for small businesses where only printing is required.
  • The banners can be reused by the companies who sponsor many local events or appear at gatherings and trade shows.
  • Strategic placements of banners and billboards can increase the exposure.
  • Attracts attention of the passersby with the combination of size, color, and illumination, vinyl and computerized painting, 3-dimensional effects, backlighting, digital & LED technology, etc


  • The banners may not always attract the eye of those customers that have the intention to buy the products.
  • To make a highly effective banner one may require a graphic designer who charges a lot for the work.
  • Banners and posters have no true reliable method to measure the effectiveness.
  • It is difficult to convey many important product details, competitive advantages, and specific consumer benefits through banners.
  • There is no security of banners and can be damaged by the citizens or weather which lead to a waste of money.

As a whole, we see that even the most reliable and ancient methods of advertisements have its own glitches and disadvantages. So as far as advertisement goes there is no guaranteed way to obtain the profit desired.

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