Neon Signage- Calling for Attention

Neon Signage is a specialized field of signage manufacturing which requires high skill level to achieve an artistic and flawless end result. The neon signage tube is bent into various shapes by heating it using burners whose intensity is based on the type of glass molding required to be done in the signage. The tubes …

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Digital Signage: Functionality and Uses

As the world is changing towards being more technology driven, signage is also shifting from being traditional to digital. As discussed in our previous blogs, Digital Signage offers immense flexibility and advantage over conventional signage.
We shall now look at the uses and functionality these can be put to. Digital Signage can broadly be …

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Flex and Acrylic Tower Crane Signs : High reaching advertising techniques

Whoever thought some years back signage could reach as high as the tower cranes can go! The modern trend of advertising wherever space is available has brought forth the need to brand structures such as tower cranes that stand tall throughout the process of the construction of a particular project.Tower Crane signs are made of …

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Metal and Wood Signage weathered to look old- The bold new trend!

The recent surge in the advertising industry is to make the new wood signage, metal signage or Led signage look rusty old or rather ancient! The likes of brands with such lit signage are Jamie’s, Taco Bell, Junkyard, Downtown and Boomcafe. The latest trend of moving into a more retro or …

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Menu Boards and Display Boards- Evolving trends

Menu Boards, Display Boards, Edgelit Boards or information displays specifically meant for QSRs are seeing a rapid evolution in terms of designs and technology. Earlier menus were represented on black boards written with chalks. However nowadays these have now seen a rapid transformation. The more eclectic the more the chances of attracting customers!


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